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Provide shelter safety standards for rubber machinery industry workers
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Safety accident has always been attention from all walks of life, plastics and rubber machinery industry is no exception, since the 80s of last century, the introduction of a series of safety standards, provide shelter for the plastics and rubber industry workers and this a series of standards also apply all over the world.
At the end of the 80's, the directive and regulation, which came into force in Europe, called the "new method", defined the basic requirements for health, safety, and environmental issues. Since then, the European plastics and rubber machinery manufacturers have made great contributions to the development of unified standards to ensure that workers in the plastic and rubber processing workshop work at the highest level of safety. With the increase in the number of imported machines in Europe, a lot of manufacturers / importers do not comply with the directive, regulations and uniform standards. This means that many factories around the world have installed potentially unsafe machines that make workers at risk of safety.


Provide shelter safety standards for rubber machinery industry workers

  For example, in Europe, about 10 years ago, the customs authorities of the Italian Association ASSOCOMAPLAST and exporting countries signed the a memorandum of understanding, that is, in the injection molding machine can enter Italy before the need for technical inspection. Almost all of the technical tests have shown that the notice issued by the non European division of the certificate issued by the "CE" of the machine, to a large extent does not meet the safety standards. The safety gap caused by non European manufacturers may be due to a standard not known. After all, it is not difficult or expensive to mark the "CE" on the machine that does not conform to the specific safety standards set by the European standard.
New safety standards
In view of this situation, as well as some of the workshop safety incidents followed by the workshop, health and safety departments were examined, and the failure to prevent the machine from entering the european.
It should be noted that CEN has been updated for the TC 145 standard for plastic rubber machinery, which has a lot of new safety standards on the "C" plastic and rubber machinery. This new standard is implemented with the support of manufacturers and machinery users and experts from various countries in Europe, as well as the announcement and labour ministers appointed by the experts.
The cen standards for classification: "C" means pertaining to a specific type of machine risk assessment and safety measures; "B" standard is about horizontal problems. For example, a safety control system parts, safety distance, risk assessment methods and so on; "A-class" is referred to the machinery directive instructions and regulations.
Industrial machinery designers and users are included in this rather complex and normative structure to ensure that the European market has a "CE" logo of the machines are equipped with respect to risk assessment of the security system.
Interestingly, according to the "B" standard EN13849-1:2007, you can see how the mechanical designer determines the safety control device from the lowest to the highest performance levels.
General safety standards
All in all, since the 80's of last century, published by the TC CEN 17 standard has been published in the European publications, and in Europe was forced to perform.
For this particular industry, the technical committee of the international organization for standardization, TC 270, was created in 2012. A related working group WG1 are now investigating the safety standard for injection molding machine, and in order to have a suitable for the general standard of all over the world, from Europe, Brazil, China, Japan, the United States and other countries of the delegates support.
In particular, China's Standardization Administration designated by the Chinese delegation, from the beginning to participate in the activities of TC ISO 270, contributed their own experience, designed for China's plastics and rubber machinery release safety regulations.
In order to ensure that there is a safe workplace, the national authorities, plastics and rubber industry in various areas of the use of safety standards is very important.
The main objective is to have a general standard around the world to ensure that all plastic and rubber processing plants have the best level of safety, and the safety system designed by the machine manufacturer is consistent.
TC ISO 270 will step by step to study the specific safety standards, just as in the past CENTC145 do. After the injection molding machine, the next second projects will focus on the rotary forming machine.

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