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Composite membrane materials leading, high growth can be sustained
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Capacity utilization by quarter to increase, the second half is expected to full production full sales. Company has been for the BOE, TCL, Innolux, TPV, etc. customers are with full production, Samsung, LG, AUO and other customers production supply a breakthrough soon, which release of company 2 million square meters of optical film production laid a solid customer base. Taking into account the customer's purchasing volume is gradually enlarged, the company is expected to increase production capacity by 14 years, the second half is expected to achieve full production full sales.
Product structure improvement, maintain high gross profit. In the low-end optical film despite price pressure, but the company more than before matching of UV curable adhesive and optical film and other raw materials, through the improvement of the vertical industry chain to digest the downward pressure on prices. In addition, the company also achieved a breakthrough in the field of high-end optical film, can improve the product mix to maintain the company's high gross profit margin


Composite membrane materials leading, high growth can be sustained


Sales window to enlarge, become a growth point of profit. Non display area with optical film is the blue ocean market, the window film is one of the important areas. Company in September 13 years through the acquisition of Kang run window cut the market, relying on Kang run window a powerful marketing channel, window film sales company is gradually enlarged, is expected to 14 years will become an important profit growth point
Equity incentives and major shareholders holdings of 25 yuan, reflecting the future of confidence. The big shareholders equity pledge funds in Kant's group for the incubation of new materials industry, will be transferred to the listed companies to industrialization after the opportunity is ripe. We believe that there is no lack of optical film with an order of magnitude of the product. Equity incentive and major shareholders holdings of about 25 yuan, reflecting the future of confidence in the stock price.
Constantly breaking the monopoly of foreign investment, to achieve import substitution. We are determined to be China 3M, we think that the great potential of kangdexin. Because kangdexin management layer with the entrepreneurial spirit and executive ability is very strong, rely on the support of funds in the capital market, the company can to achieve the perfect integration of technology, talent and capital, constantly breaking the monopoly of foreign capital, achieve import substitution.
Recommended buy, target price of 30 yuan. 3M is currently the market value of $13, 90 billion years PE20 times. Kang Dexin is currently the market value of 20 billion yuan, 14 years PE19 times. Taking into account Kang Dexin 14-15 can maintain more than 45% of the results of compound growth, the current stock price is undervalued, according to 30 times 14 times PE, the target price of 30 yuan or more, it is recommended to buy.

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