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Effect of composite membrane material on the bag
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In addition to the effect of heat sealing bag making process parameters for the bag is bigger, the performance of the composite material is the most direct effect of heat sealing bag making the performance indicators and bag making process equipment operating parameters is one of the important factors.
General medical composite packaging film heat sealing materials LDPE, CPP, EVA, VC hot melt adhesive and other ionic resin between Surlyn coextrusion or change of PE, PP etc. films. Under the same conditions, the heat sealing strength of LDPE is stronger than that of general CPP, and the modified film is better than that of the thin film. Heat sealing material thickness is generally 20 ~ 80 m, there are some special requirements (such as cooking bags) also has reached 100 ~ 120 M. The heat sealing strength of the same kind of heat sealing material increases with the increase of the thickness of the heat seal.




In addition, the total thickness of the material, uniformity, flatness is also very important parameter index. Uniform smoothness poor will enable the heat sealing pressure and temperature can not be evenly transferred to the film heat seal area, such heat sealing cutter direction along the polymer viscosity flow state is not uniform, can not ensure closed intact interface.

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