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China's annual output of 3 million tons of plastic, consumption of more than 6 million tons. Plastic bags if by 15 per cent a year plastic abandons the quantity computation, in the world volume of plastic waste is 15 million tons, China's plastics waste at more than 100 million tons, waste plastic in the garbage proportion accounted for 40%, such a large number of waste plastics as garbage buried in the ground, no doubt to the already scarce can cultivate land to bring greater pressure, so since the 2008 June 1, China's ban on plastic curtain opened. Plastic for China Limited is the world plastic versus the epitome of a great, plastic was born a hundred years, people are accustomed to plastics brings convenience for plastic pollution problems, plastic limit movement in the global set off a whirlwind.
Plastic limit and blind to the ban plastic transformation
National Development and Reform Commission recently announced, plastic limit to the implementation of nearly 8 years, the use of plastic shopping bags significantly reduced, including shopping malls and supermarkets, the most obvious reduction in the amount of about 75%. "Plastic limit order" in the past 8 years, the use of plastic bags reduced by about 75%. The national development and Reform Commission said that although the supermarkets and shopping malls plastic bag usage decreased significantly, but in the bazaars, small commodity wholesale market, street vendors such as still exist in violation of the "plastic limit order" provisions, provide free plastic shopping bags, and some are still in use of ultra-thin and plastic shopping bags that do not meet the national quality standards.

Ban plastic plastic limit has become a hot topic in 2015 detonated industry

  To mop up the plastic limit the blind area, Jilin January 1, 2015, the Jilin Province prohibited production and sales and provide a one-time not degradation plastic bags, plastic tableware regulations "formally implemented. Relatively limited to Jilin's "ban plastic" policy is a lot of rigid. Jilin Province Development and Reform Commission responsible person, the "provision" requirement in the province banned the production, sale, and provide non degradable plastic shopping bags, plastic tableware; in violation of the provisions of enterprises and individuals, were sentenced to a maximum of 3 million yuan and the highest 200 yuan fine. Jilin Province as a national ecological demonstration Province, the full implementation of the "ban" can effectively protect the ecological environment, and "plastic limit order", "ban plastic order" more rigid binding. To ensure that the policy landing, Jilin province will strengthen the enforcement of the ban. Jilin provincial environmental protection departments at all levels to the one-time non degradable plastic shopping bags, tableware and other items are determined not to approve, and require the business sector to increase efforts to investigate and deal with the strict inspection of law enforcement. It is understood that the reference in Jilin method, Jiangsu Province at the beginning of the new year began to implement the regulations on the promotion of circular economy in Jiangsu Province, for the illegal use of ultra-thin plastic bags merchants to open a ticket, effectiveness of specific needs to the test of time.
Plastic around the world in full swing
South Korea since 1999 supermarkets will no longer provide free plastic bags, each bag to pay 100 won, the store to provide the old bag for the new bag.
Ireland from 2002 onwards, the consumer to buy plastic bags to charge 0.15 euros in taxes and fees.
The Australian federal government began in 2002, in the national retail market promotion and implementation of reusable environmental protection bag.
Rwanda abandoned the use of plastic bags in 2005.
In March 27, 2007, San Francisco became the first city in the United States to ban plastic bags.
U. S. cities in Oakland and Boston are also considering whether to ban plastic bags.
In June 1, 2008, China implemented the ban on free plastic bags.
In October 1, 2014, according to a new law signed by California governor Brown Jerry on Tuesday, disposable plastic bags will be phased out by the state's grocery stores and other retailers by 2016.
Since October 5, 2015, the British implementation of the plastic bag levy plan, each plastic bag charges 5 pence.
The European Union plans to 2019, the amount of plastic bags per person per year dropped to 90, while the current usage is more than 200 per capita.
The government, enterprises, public participation
Plastic limit plastic ban to implement a small series that needs to be done, the government, enterprises, public participation". First of all, degradable plastic bags are widely used, plastic garbage will be greatly reduced, processing cost is greatly reduced, the government should bring out this part of the idle input transferred to the environmental protection technology development, subsidies to enterprises. In addition, the benefits of environmental protection bag overflow outstanding, the ecological environment protection is of great benefit, the government should put the development of environmental protection products included in the scope of ecological protection to give financial help.
Secondly, to take plant with priority configuration, tax incentives, loan interest rate lever, science and technology award policy, reduce the product environmental protection financing and operating costs of production, to attract more capital and technology flows into the environmental protection product development.
Third, we should strengthen the propaganda, propaganda can not be the harmfulness of degradable plastics, let more people understand the non degradable plastics, take the initiative to renounce the use not degradable plastics, can be the use of degradable plastic bags to create a good social atmosphere.
Fourth, the government should strengthen legislation, and resolutely prohibit the use of degradable plastic bags, thinning by helping subsidies on production alternatives at the same time, effectively blocking the biodegradable plastic bags production and circulation link, link.
Fifth, through reasonable channels and supermarkets, markets and other large businesses to communicate and persuade them to take the initiative to assume the responsibility of environmental protection, not in the sales of environmentally friendly plastic bags increase to seek profit, further reducing the price of environmentally friendly plastic bags.
In fact, our country implement plastic limit order can be recognized by the people, we are getting familiar with plastic bags have to pay, as far as possible not to use ultra-thin plastic bags, there is no British people as heard on the plastic bags should be paid directly to the supermarket trolley push home, slapstick protests online auction of plastic bags, and in the limit of plastic big hotbed, bio plastics, degradable plastics and other environmental plastic is vigorous growth.

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