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  • Product Name: Test method for impact resistance of plastic composite film packaging of rice dumplings
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Anti swing hammer impact energy is performance test of packaging flexibility, toughness and verify that the packaging materials used for, is the packaging materials an important indexes, the film FIT-01 impact test instrument test wrap zongzi with plastic composite film anti swing hammer impact energy. FIT-01 film impact tester by Jinan blue light mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. independent R & D and design. In this paper, the principle of the instrument, the parameters and test process of the introduction, provides the reference for enterprise testing of packaging material toughness.
Dumplings, also known as "dumplings", "barrel dumplings, is made from glutinous rice and wrapped in reed leaves, is the Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival of food, the legend is in memory of Qu Yuan, which has a heavy sense of history, by the consumer favorite. Today's dumplings not only there is more and more, fiery leg dumplings, egg dumplings, bacon dumplings, fresh meat, and so on, and circulation time prolonged, the wider region, which dumplings packaging and storage conditions proposed higher requirements.


Dumplings plastic composite film packaging


At present, most of the dumplings on the market by vacuum packing form, to a certain extent, can play a role in extending the shelf life of rice dumplings. For vacuum packaging of soft plastic packaging materials should have good flexibility, otherwise in the vacuum easily is not easy to vacuum, packaging material the body fitted difference or vacuum degree is not up to the requirements of the phenomenon, and the packaging quality effect. Impact energy is one of the indicators to verify the flexibility of packaging materials, so this paper test the impact of packaging materials by the impact of the pendulum can verify its flexibility.
Rice dumplings commonly used packaging
Test basis
Plastic composite film impact resistance of the pendulum hammer can be used as a reference standard mainly for 8809-1988 GB "plastic film anti impact test method", the standard is applicable to all kinds of plastic film.
Test sample
Plastic composite film for packaging of a brand of rice dumplings.
test equipment
Using Labthink blue light FIT-01 film impact tester to test the impact energy of the pendulum hammer.
FIT-01 thin film impact tester
Test principle
This equipment is according to the principle of energy conservation design and test the equipment of the hemispherical punch to the impact velocity and through the membrane, the punch tests across the specimen after remaining energy, get the punch by the consumption of energy, in order to evaluate the film of pendulum impact resistance ability.
Scope of application
Film categories: application in plastic film, sheet, composite membrane anti swing hammer impact test, such as food, medicine packing bag with PP / PE composite film, aluminum foil, aluminium plastic composite film, nylon membrane and so on.
Paper: applicable to paper, paperboard of anti swing hammer impact test, such as cigarettes aluminized paper, Tetra Pak packaging paper plastic composite.
Standard: the equipment to meet a number of national and international standards, such as GB 8809, D3420 NF, T54-116 ASTM, etc..
Is the characterization of packaging material flexibility index of the flexibility of the packaging material in the packaging bag bag breaking rate, vacuum packaging body has certain effect, anti swing hammer impact energy. In this paper, the impact energy of the dumplings package is tested by the FIT-01 film impact tester. The test results are good repeatability, high precision, easy operation and high efficiency. The oxygen permeability, sealing performance, heat sealing performance, vacuum degree and other properties of the packaging materials are the important factors which influence the quality of rice dumplings in the quality of life.

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