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Shrink Film Specification
  Our Advantages 
  1.Monthly output 1000 tons,
    meeting your requirements in large orders.
  2.10KGS free samples in one week,
    help you understand our quality quickly through testing
  3.Wholesell across 25 countries,
    making customers more reliable and competitive in their market.
  4.Supplier of Coca-Cola, P&G, Nestle,Danone
    rich experience in cooperation with world-top-500 companies.
  5.100% materials from Dow,Shell and ExxonMobil,
    to control quality from the source.
  6.Certified by ISO9001,SGS,FDA,REACHRoHS,
    authoritative certification to eliminate all security risks
  7.10 people R & D team, 
    special performance PE Film can be customized
  8.Fully automated production line, 
    to ensure minimizing human error
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1. Wide range of oxygen transmission rates- for an increased shelf life
2. Excellent barrier, seal ability and strength
3. Extended packed product shelf life
4. Exceptional printability
5. Excellent optical properties and aroma retention power
6. Superior mechanical properties and puncture resistant
7. Low leakage , high filling rate providing more profit to users
8. Excellent hot tack and sealing property
9. Easy peel, UV, antifog and special coating
Process: three-layer coextrusion
Color: transparent or milky white
Width Range: ≤1800mm
Thickness Range: 25-250μm
Standard: Compliance with US regulations FDA21CFR117.1520、REACH、ROHS
Solid, Liquid & Semi Liquid Food | Edible oil & Clarified Butter |
Dairy | Baby Food, Cheese & Milk Powder | Dried & Snack Food | 
Chips, Wafers, Pop Corn, Namkeen & Nuts |Tea & Coffee | Chocolates | 
Bars, Candy, Chewing Gum & Cookies | Cereals | Confectionery & Bakery | 
Biscuits | Processed, Frozen & Hot Food | Vegetables & Fruits | Ice Cream | 
Soups & Sauces | Mayonnaise, Ketchup & Mustard Sauce | 
Soft Drinks, Fruit Juices & Mineral Water | Ready To Eat Food | 
Curries & Chapatti  | Meat, Poultry & Sea Food | Pickle, Pulp & Puree |
Rice, Sugar Salt, Spices & Flour | Aromatic Products |
    Pet Food | Specialty Products
Metal & Electronics Component | 
    Industrial Products | Pharmaceutical, Medical & Health care | 
Cosmetics & Laundry | Wipes | Skin & Hair care Products | 
Shampoo, Detergents, Talcum Powder, Gel & Toothpaste | 
    Soap & Detergent |Home & Personal Care | 
    Beverage Wrap Around Label | Adhesive, Resins & Chemical | Industrial oil | 
Feed, Seed, Pesticides & Agro Products | 
    Garden & Agriculture Packaging | Specialty & Technical Products
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